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Waterloo Classic Car Rentals

The city of Waterloo is an adjacent city right next to Kitchener, with Waterloo itself being a university town and many families, working class individuals living in a city that has plenty of amenities to enjoy. However, the advantage to a city like Waterloo is that with its close proximity to the GTA and particularly Toronto, you are a hop skip and a jump away from enjoying the vibrant downtown TO night life with so much to do. If you are thinking of celebrating a special night out with family and friends in Toronto from Waterloo, there are options to make your night truly special.

How, do you ask? Very simple, imagine reserving a luxurious vehicle and get driven to Toronto from Waterloo and enjoy the trip to and from while enjoying the company of those that you are going with. Now, imagine having a luxurious vintage Bentley or Rolls Royce to take you to Toronto, will not that entice you to consider that for your special occasion celebration? If this sounds all so good, then call JD Classic Cars, servicing Waterloo to book a 1961 Bentley or 1970 Rolls Royce and book it for a night out celebration, where you can choose a one-way transfer to and from, or book a return-trip and see the difference quality makes.

At JD Classic Cars, while offering you the finest in vehicle selection, we also understand the importance of quality limousine drivers and the highest quality limousine and car service in Waterloo and the surrounding areas. And with each booking you make with us, we will guarantee you that you can rest assured that with a vintage car rental from us, you can expect the full package.

Are you ready to take a ride to downtown Toronto on Saturday night? If you are and want the finest in vintage car fleet and vintage car fleet services, then call JD Classic Cars, because we provide dedicated services from Waterloo and the surrounding areas and will get you to wherever you want to go and get you back safely and in style. There is nothing that says luxury then a vintage Bentley or Rolls Royce, so what are you waiting for? Call us today to book now!

Let us be a part of your memorable event in Waterloo!